E-3 Petition Fees

Departments are charged a processing fee of $235, payable by cost transfer invoice (CTI),  for each E-3. Departments may not seek reimbursement of the processing fee from the E-3 beneficiary. Budget documentation will be sent to the Budget Contact listed on the UW H Visa Request Form. The processing fee is in addition to fee(s) paid to the US Department of Homeland Security. Note: Federal and non-federal budgets may be used to pay for the E-3 processing fee. This is in accordance with OMB (Office of Management and Budget), Circular A-21, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions.

If Form I-129 is filed with USCIS to extend or change to E-3 status, the fee is $460 payable to the “US Department of Homeland Security.”

It is the responsibility of the hiring department to pay the fees on behalf of the foreign beneficiary. To request checks through UW payables Administration, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the Check Request Form 1570 (allow two weeks for processing)
  • On line 1 of the 1570, enter “US Department of Homeland Security”
  • On line 2, enter “E-3 fees”
  • Use “object code” 03-29
  • Use the E-3 applicant’s last name & first name as the invoice number
  • Send completed check requests to: Financial Services Tax Reporting Desk, Box 351120, along with a self-addressed campus-mail envelope
  • Forward the checks to ISO along with other supporting documentation