Retention Salary Adjustments

Reference: UW Policy Directory, Faculty Code, Chapter 24

Deans and Chancellors may request retention salary adjustments through the Office of the Provost via AHR.  The request must include the rationale for the retention adjustment including an assessment of the individual’s merit and value to the institution, the circumstances warranting a retention adjustment, the proposed adjustment and effective date. Retention salary adjustments receive case-by-case review by the Office of the Provost, and additional documentation may be required such as a current curriculum vitae or case specific details. As a general principle, retention salary adjustments are expected to provide a minimum 5% salary increase. An exception for locally funded salary adjustments that meet specific criteria is described below.

Generally, an individual may not receive a retention salary adjustment for a period of three years from the effective date of the most recent retention adjustment.

Retention Salary Adjustments in Response to a Competitive Offer

Retention adjustments may be given in response to a competitive offer from an outside institution. In this situation, the competitive offer report form is required. It is University policy not to extend any counteroffer or pre-emptive offer for a period of three years from the effective date of the new salary.

Locally Funded Pre-Approval Retention Salary Adjustments

To provide Schools, Colleges, and Campuses with an enhanced ability to make timely responses to potential and actual external offers to faculty and librarians, proposed retention adjustments that meet the criteria outlined below will be considered to have the Provost’s approval as required by Executive Order 64:

  • The proposed retention salary adjustment has the approval of the Dean or Chancellor.
  • The retention salary adjustment is a minimum 5% increase and maximum 10% increase.
    • For faculty who participate in the UWP practice plan, 5% to 10% refers to their total base salary, including UW and UWP practice plan.
  • The retention salary adjustment will be fully funded from locally administered funds.
  • The decision to make a retention salary adjustment was made in compliance with the required consultative processes.
  • The individual has not received a retention salary adjustment within the preceding three years.
  • The faculty is not at the rank of Assistant Professor and entering the mandatory promotion review period.
  • The retention salary adjustment is a prospective, not retroactive, adjustment.
  • The individual was determined to be meritorious in the most recent merit evaluation.

Proposed retention salary adjustments that meet these criteria have the pre-approval of the Provost.  For record-keeping purposes, a Retention Salary Adjustment form must be submitted by the Dean or Chancellor to AHR as soon as possible after a retention salary adjustment is offered to an individual; a notice of confirmation will be sent in return.

Note: Please cite AHR approval date in the notes section of the PERM.

*Provide a brief justification for the retention, including the “difficulties retaining qualified” faculty members which will be reported to the fiscal committees of the legislature pursuant to ESSB 6382.

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