Academic Personnel

Sample TN Support Letter


US Department of Homeland Security

RE: TN Classification for (TN beneficiary name)

To Whom It May Concern:

On behalf of the University of Washington, this is to request TN non-immigrant status for (employee name) as a (insert occupation from TN list.) from (date) to (date) (maximum three years). The Department of ___________ at the University of Washington would like to appoint (TN beneficiary name) to a temporary, non-tenure track job as a (official UW appointment title). The duties of this job include: ____________________________. Dr./Mrs./Ms./Mr. (TN beneficiary) will receive a salary of $________________ per month plus employee benefits.

Dr./Mrs./Ms./Mr. (TN beneficiary) is fully qualified for this job. S/he received a ______ degree from __________ in the field of _____________.

Please let us know if any additional information is needed


(Chair’s name)
Department Chair