On Friday, March 4, OAP will update our visa request tool. To perform the update there will be a scheduled outage from 12-2pm when the tool, including all visa request forms, will be unavailable.

Significant improvements include:

  • New “Viewer” access for unit administrators:
    • When submitting any visa request, and at any time after, unit administrators can now designate other UW users as viewers
    • Viewers will be able to access those visa requests and manage files in addition to, and on the same pages as, visa requests they submitted themselves
  • New scholar access for H-1Bs:
    • When submitting an H visa request, and at any time after, users can add the scholar’s EID to enable scholars to view limited information about the visa request and certain uploaded “scholar-facing” files (receipt notices, petition scans, and approval notices)
    • Scholars will be notified by email when they are given access and when new scholar-facing files are uploaded
  • Better screening for Postdoctoral Scholar – Conditional title
    • Users are now required to upload documentation of completion of degree requirements for this title
  • New Clinician Researcher title for H-1Bs

The H and J Visa Intake Forms will be updated to reflect these changes; please make sure you are using the most recent version starting March 4.

Contact acadvisa@uw.edu with any questions.