Effective July 1, 2022, the following visa-related fee increases will apply:

  • Visa request fees for J-1s, H-1Bs, TNs, and E-3s will increase to $550 (from $521)
  • Amendment fees for J-1 documents (DS-2019s) will increase to $113 (from $105)
  • O-1 and EB-1B hourly visa case management fees will increase to $124 (from $115)

Visa requests that are conditionally approved by Academic HR on or after July 1 will be charged the new rate. These increases will appear on invoices issued on or after July 2.

All fees associated with H-1B, E-3, TN, and O-1/EB-1B petitions, including the $550 visa request fee, are paid by the host department and cannot be passed on to the international scholar.

For J-1 scholars, reimbursement may be requested by the department from scholars for the $550 visa request fee and $113 J-1 amendment fee.

For more information on OAP and U.S. government visa fees, see the Visa Fees page. Contact ISO with questions you have regarding this announcement.