What are some options for structuring a faculty member’s reemployment?

Example reemployment options for a 9-month faculty member

Example reemployment options for a 12-month faculty member

What are the voting rights and obligations of a faculty member while reemployed?

When reemployed, retirees are voting members of the faculty. Their participation in voting should be viewed as an obligation of reemployment.

Are there benefits implications to reemploying?

While reemploying, the faculty member is still considered a retiree. Depending on the circumstances of the reemployment, the faculty member may become eligible for certain benefits. Visit the UWHR Benefits website for a full understanding of the implications of a proposed reemployment plan.

How does a faculty member with a 9-month service period request to have their summer salary history calculated into their 40% re-employment eligibility?

The faculty member’s school, college, or campus must submit the request and supporting documentation to Academic HR. Please check with your dean or chancellor’s office for any additional local-level review process required prior to the submission of the request.

What is the difference between the separation/termination date and the retirement date?

A separation/termination date is the last working day at the University. The Benefits Office will refer to the retirement date as the first of the month following a separation/termination date. E.g. separation/termination dates of 6/15 or 6/30 would have the same retirement date of 7/1.