Exchange visitors new to the UW (including transfers from another school in the US) must visit International Scholars Operations (ISO) at 239 Gerberding Hall for a scheduled check-in session so that their arrival on campus can be reported to the US Department of Homeland Security as required by federal law. Scheduled check-ins take place on Tuesdays at 2:00 PM; during the months of August, September, and October, check-ins will also be held on Thursdays at 10:00 AM.  Exchange visitors should arrive ten to fifteen minutes early so the one-hour check-in session can begin promptly.  Exchange visitors must attend a check-in session not later than 30 days after the program start date indicated in part 3 of the DS-2019 form.

They should bring to the check-in session their:

  • passport
  • I-94 record (either the paper I-94 card in their passport OR a printout of their electronic I-94 record)
  • original DS-2019 form (including family DS-2019s)
  • local Seattle-area residence address
  • Insurance Compliance Statement

Exchange visitors must register on-line to attend a J-1 Scholar Check-in session, using the calendar below. Registration for each check-in session opens two weeks before the session will occur. If the scheduled times are inconvenient, they may phone (206) 685-8847 to schedule an appointment. Scholars who are not feeling well may delay attendance, as long as they attend a check-in within 30 days of the start date. Scholars who delay attendance due to illness should contact ISO to let us know that they have arrived and will attend check-in at a later date. Failure to check-in with ISO causes automatic revocation of the Exchange Visitor’s lawful J-1 status and may lead to detention and deportation if not remedied immediately.

Upcoming J-1 Check-in Sessions: