Create a Position User Guide

Preparation Steps

This  guide is intentionally minimal so users—especially first time users—have a concise reference that covers the basics of setting up a search.  Interfolio, however, has a wide variety of additional functionality to support or enhance the search process including information on how to leverage analytics/report features.

The full menu of FS guides is available at Help for Interfolio Faculty Search or by clicking  your name in the top right corner of the FS window and selecting Product Help. Be aware, however, that Interfolio’s FS guides will not have UW-specific recruitment requirements and may not reflect institutional settings UW has put in place for UW users.

Understanding the Applicant View

It may be useful to familiarize yourself with the process from an applicant’s point of view. Please review Job Applicant’s Guide to Interfolio Faculty Search for more information on the applicant experience.

Understanding Interfolio User Roles

FS has a variety of distinct user roles that carry different levels of access.

BEST PRACTICE – Assigning User Roles

It is recommended that units assign an Administrator — instead of a Committee Manager — to manage the search and work with the search committee. This is typically a staff member. While some Interfolio institutions assign the Committee Manager role to the search committee chair, this is not recommended since the role has the ability to edit the search (accidentally or intentionally) which could result in serious complications to application data and workflow. To avoid this risk, search committee members should be assigned the Evaluator role and a search committee representative should communicate with the Administrator to make sure that statuses and applicant communication are administered as intended.

Administrator – Every hiring unit must have at least one assigned Administrator and can have more than one. FS Administrators are typically staff who are well-versed in coordinating academic personnel recruitment.

College-level Administrators are assigned by UW Academic Personnel and can create, supervise, manage, monitor, and close searches at the college level or in any department within that college; department-level Administrators are assigned by the college-level Administrator and can create, supervise, manage, monitor, and close all searches at the department level.

Committee Manager – Assigned by Administrators to coordinate a particular search; can edit settings and statuses, view reports, communicate with applicants. This is an optional role. Please review the BEST PRACTICE box to the right.

Evaluators – Assigned by department-level or college-level Administrator; appropriate role for members of the search committee charged with viewing, reviewing, and rating applications; cannot create/edit positions.

EEO Officer – This role is reserved for the EEO Compliance Manager/EEO Officer at UW.

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