Workday and the Integrated Service Center (ISC)

Workday is the centralized, cloud-based software program the UW uses to manage human resources, time-tracking, payroll, benefits processes across the University, the Medical Centers* and other off-site facilities. The Integrated Service Center (ISC) works closely with UWHR, Office of Academic Personnel, UW-IT, other central business units, University leadership, departments and HR administrators to support faculty, staff and students with their payroll/HR-impacting information in Workday. Visit the ISC website to access Workday, view instructional videos and user guides, or to contact ISC representatives.

*Please note: The Medical Centers continue to use Kronos for time-tracking and payroll.

Please continue to contact Academic HR (AHR) if you have questions related to academic personnel policies, including the following:

  • Employee relations
  • FMLA and sick leave policy
  • Visas

Vocabulary on the AHR Website

Transitioning to a new system often necessitates that we replace or redefine vocabulary used in the old system. The ISC website includes a glossary of Workday vocabulary. Below are 3 common terms used throughout this website and the relationship each has with Workday terminology.

  • Job is used for Workday Jobs and Positions.
  • Leave is used for Workday Leaves and Time Offs.
  • Promotion refers to the promotion processes described in the Faculty Code and the Librarian Personnel Code.

Appointment Dates in Workday

Start Dates

Appointment dates were imported from legacy systems that were populated using diverse data management practices. In the conversion to the new system, some appointment start dates may appear as having changed in Workday. If you have questions about how your appointment start date appears in Workday, please contact your unit HR personnel as the first line of inquiry.

End Dates

Appointment end dates in Workday reflect the anticipated duration of the appointment. An appointment may end earlier if there is a non-renewal, or under other special circumstances.