Emeritus and Retired Faculty Titles

Upon retirement from the University, faculty members are eligible to be considered for emeritus status. Pursuant to Faculty Code, this requires an affirmative vote of the unit faculty, and concurrence by the Dean/Chancellor and the Provost.

Faculty members often provide long years of service, beginning at an early age, and choose to leave the University before age 62, which is the UW Retirement Plan (UWRP) basic retirement age. While some benefits such as participation in the retiree medical plan flow from official UWRP retirement status, others are granted by the University, and can be granted regardless of retirement plan status.

Many faculty members who retire from the University choose to continue their activity through instruction or research after retirement. An Associate Professor or Professor who retires from the University and who remains actively engaged by the University may choose to use his or her regular title, if the Retired or Emeritus title is not desirable. After the period of reemployment ceases, faculty members will use the Retired or Emeritus designation. Retired/Emeritus status provides substantial privileges to the University faculty member, including continuation of Library borrowing privileges, access to University email accounts, discount prices on University productions and museums, among others.

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