Washington State law permits retired faculty members to be reemployed up to 40% of the FTE at time of retirement. According to UW policy, tenured faculty members have the right to reemployment beginning at age 62. Tenured faculty members can be reemployed up to a maximum of 40% time for instructional and/or research purposes for up to 5 years after the retirement date. This is dependent upon unit need and availability of funds.

Who has a right to reemployment after retirement?

Vested Right

  • Tenured faculty

Discretionary Right

  • WOT and research faculty
    • Funding must be from sources such as grants/contract, clinic fees, other alternative local funds, unless the reemploying unit has instructional needs that can be supported by state or tuition funds.
  • Lecturers, senior lecturers and principal lecturers
    • Eligible on a year-to-year basis based on instructional needs and availability of funds at the discretion of the chair/director and dean/chancellor

Reemployment Timelines

December 1: Faculty members are required to inform their units of plans to reemploy

If retirement begins during an academic year, the faculty member may be eligible for reemployment that same academic year. (e.g. retirement effective 12/16/2015, 5 year reemployment ends 6/15/2020.)

Salary-Related Details

  • Reemployed retired faculty are not eligible for merit salary increases.
  • Reemployed retired tenured faculty funded with state appropriations or tuition funds after retirement are expected to provide classroom teaching
    If a tenured faculty member retires with an A/B salary structure and elects the 40% reemployment option following retirement, the total 40% maximum will be based on the total University base salary.
  • The vested right to reemployment is limited to the “A” salary ratio.
  • Reemployment salary must be paid in the quarter in which faculty members are teaching or performing their research activities. Faculty desiring to receive the full 40% reemployment would need to be working in at least two quarters of the year.
  • 9-month faculty members are eligible for a maximum of 40% of 9 month’s salary.
  • 12-month faculty members are eligible for a maximum of 40% of 12 month’s salary.

Summer Quarter

Faculty members with 9-month appointments, who normally have summer quarter salaries (either for instruction or research), may petition to include summer months in the reemployment eligibility calculation. However, the right to reemployment relates to the 9-month tenure appointments only.

Academic Titles and Retirement

A retired faculty member who remains active at the University may choose to use their regular title rather than the retired or emeritus titles. When the reemployment period ends, faculty members may use the retired or emeritus designation as appropriate.

Voluntary Retirement Incentive

Tenured faculty who elect the Voluntary Retirement Incentive Option forgo the right to reemployment.