UW Administrator Training

Academic Human Resources (AHR) and International Scholars Operations (ISO) provide training sessions for campus personnel on a variety of topics, with each session designed to help administrators understand the policies and procedures involved in creating and maintaining academic appointments at the University of Washington. Below is a schedule of upcoming training sessions with the scheduled times, dates and locations. For inquiries regarding all training sessions specific to international scholars, email ISO at acadvisa@uw.edu. For inquiries regarding all other training sessions, email AHR at acadpers@uw.edu.

May – 2016

  • Immigration 101 – 1:00pm on 5/19/2016 – Gerberding 142
    • If you don’t know the difference between a non-immigrant and an immigrant, or can’t tell a B visa from a K visa, or think a green card and a gold card are pretty much the same thing, then make plans to attend ISO’s spring quarter workshop. No, you won’t become an expert on U.S. immigration law in just one hour, but you’ll have fun learning the basics of how it works! Please register for the session here.
  • Faculty Leaves Training – 2:00-3:00pm on 5/20/2016 – Gerberding 142
    • Click Here to RSVP for this training (40 person max)
  • Faculty Separations Training – 11:00am-12:00pm on 5/25/2016  – Gerberding 142
    • Click Here to RSVP for this training (40 person max)

Materials for Past AHR Presentations

Materials for Past ISO Presentations