New Appointments

New Appointment Documentation

Once a written offer has been extended and accepted, Academic Human Resources (AHR) must receive required documentation for final approval. New appointment procedures and documentation requirements depend on the job title and length of appointment. Review the Job Class Codes for specific requirements and use the New Faculty and Academic Staff Checklist for more information.

Joint and Adjunct Appointments

See Secondary Appointments page for specific requirements.

Clinical and Affiliate Appointments

The unit should submit all of the required appointment paperwork to the dean’s/chancellor’s office. Refer to the job class code pages for a list of required documentation. When the unit receives approval from the dean’s/chancellor’s office the appointment may be entered in payroll. The appointment packet should be submitted by the unit or dean’s/chancellor’s office to AHR.

New Appointment of Short-Term Faculty

The academic titles listed below are considered short term faculty. Complete the Short Term Faculty Appointment or Reappointment Form to facilitate a new short term appointment.

  • Research Associate
  • Research Associate Trainee
  • Visiting Scientist
  • Acting Instructor for two quarters or less*
  • Artist in Residence for two quarters or less*
  • Lecturer Part-Time for two quarters or less*
  • Teaching Associate for two quarters or less*
  • Visiting Lecturer for two quarters or less*

*If these titles are used for more than 2 quarters at 100% they will be considered long term.

Units may use the Short-Term Faculty Appointment or Reappointment Form in lieu of the dean’s/chancellor’s letter and chair/director’s letter, make their own form, or send a chair/director’s letter, as long as all of the required information and chair/director’s signature are included. All additional new appointment paperwork is still required.

Once the appointment is approved at the local level and forwarded to AHR, the appointment can be entered in payroll.

Payroll Documents

Payroll documents e.g., the I-9, W4, and direct deposit authorization, are NOT forwarded to AHR with hiring packets. Payroll forms should be sent directly to the Payroll Office. Contact information, formerly known as the personal data form, should be entered by the unit or by the new academic personnel member through MyUW.

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