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UW is now using Workday. Workday impacts business processes and vocabulary at UW. Some of our pages have been updated to reflect these impacts. For Workday information, visit the Integrated Service Center (ISC) website. For general information about Workday’s impact on Academic Human Resources, visit Academic HR and Workday.

Academic Human Resources serves all three campuses of the University of Washington as a central resource for the recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of faculty, librarians and academic staff. The Academic Human Resources website is designed to provide administrators, current and prospective faculty, librarians and academic staff with a wide range of information and guidance on University policies.

Our Vision…

To be recognized and respected as a provider of superior services and a high level resource regarding academic personnel practices and institutional policies for faculty, librarians and academic staff.

Integrated Service Center

The University of Washington’s Integrated Service Center (ISC) is your source for help on questions about HR, Payroll, Benefits, Time Tracking, and Workday support.