Academic HR

Academic Human Resources serves all three campuses of the University of Washington as a central resource for the recruitment, hiring, retention and promotion of faculty, librarians and academic staff.

The Academic Human Resources website is designed to provide administrators, current and prospective faculty, librarians and academic staff with a wide range of information and guidance on University policies and procedures.

For information related to professional staff, classified staff and academic student employees, please contact UW Human Resources.

Our Vision…

To be recognized and respected as a provider of superior services and a high level resource regarding academic personnel practices and institutional policies for faculty, librarians and academic staff.




In our effort to continue providing excellent services to University of Washington administrators and academic personnel, the office of Academic Human Resources has been working behind the scenes for the past year to make our website less confusing, more streamlined, and a better tool for you, our users.

Thanks to the input from over 100 UW administrators, faculty members and academic staff, we are proud to announce that today we are going live with a new version of the Academic Human Resources website – one that we feel is the best version of the site we have ever had.

Based on the feedback we received from all of you, as well as other changes we needed to make, the new version of our site is a more efficient and effective resource for all of your Academic Human Resources needs.

Some things you might be curious about:

  • The site has been designed with a task-based structure in mind. We have eliminated duplicate content pages and made pages easier to find based on what you are trying to find – not by who is trying to find it.
  • We set a goal to significantly streamline navigation within the site. From our homepage, the vast majority of our pages are now no more than three clicks away.
  • Based on the feedback we received from multiple surveys, we have created a site architecture that address the needs of our users more effectively than ever before.
  • Any pages on our site you have bookmarked in your browser will continue to work, but we do encourage you to update your links as you have time.

Thanks to all of you who provided input on how the AHR website could better serve your needs. While our website will continue to evolve, we urge you to continue to send us feedback so we can make the best site possible.

Thank you,

-Academic Human Resources