Academic Personnel

Termination and Resignation

A faculty member has a professional obligation to give a written notice of resignation at the earliest possible opportunity. Normally such resignations should be given at least three months prior to the termination date, or within 15 days of notification of terms of a reappointment, whichever occurs later, and should ordinarily become effective at the end of an academic year.

A resignation letter should include the following:

  • Reason for leaving
  • Official resignation date
  • If new place of employment:
    • name of new employer
    • what title will be held
    • location

Resigning and Remaining as Affiliate/Clinical Faculty

Faculty who resign and are offered and accept an appointment to remain as affiliate or clinical courtesy faculty must follow the procedures for resignation. The unit then follows the procedures for a new clinical/affiliate title. This includes the faculty vote, Chair/Director recommendation, Dean/Chancellor approval.

Retirement and Emeritus Appointments

For information regarding retirement and emeritus appointments please visit the Current and Future Retiree Portal

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