Academic titles governed by this policy:

  • Fellow Non-ACGME
  • Fellow Non-ACGME Stipend*

*Note: In the event that the applicable training grant provides more generous leave and time off than what is provided in this policy, the Fellow non-ACGME Stipend will be entitled to the leave and time off benefits offered by the training  grant. Should a training grant not provide equal leave and time off benefits, then the Fellow non-ACGME Stipend is entitled to what is provided for in this policy. The academic appointing unit is responsible for providing funding for the leave and time off benefits if they are not otherwise covered by the applicable training grant.

How to Apply for Leaves

Check with your local unit contact.

Bereavement Leave

Up to 3 days of paid bereavement time-off for the death of a family member.

Family member is defined as a child or parent (including biological, adopted, foster, step, or legal guardian, or de facto parent), a spouse, registered domestic partner, spouse’s parent, grandparent, grandchild, or sibling.*

Sick Leave

Fifteen days front-loaded at the initial appointment start date. If appointment length is less than 12 months, sick leave days are prorated.

Allowable used for sick time off:

  • Personal or family illness/health condition
  • Medical appointments (scheduled or unscheduled)
  • Closure of UW by order of public official
  • Closure of child’s school or place of care by order of a public official for any health-related reason
  • Absences due to domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking
  • Other reasons required by federal/state/local laws

Sick leave can carryover up to 12 days when reappointed unless the funding source does not allow for it. Sick leave is not eligible to be paid out upon termination/resignation and is not eligible for shared sick leave donation.

Vacation Leave

Twenty-one days front-loaded on initial start date.*

If appointment length is less than 12 months, vacation leave days are  prorated.   Vacation leaves are to be applied for and approved in advance by the local unit.

Vacation leave may not be carried over upon reappointment and is not eligible to be paid out upon termination/resignation.


Paid time-off for all UW-recognized holidays.

Individuals in these titles may join in the observance of all UW-recognized holidays. However, clinical responsibilities and educational requirements may necessitate that an individual report for duty. In the event they report for duty on a UW-recognized holiday, they must be allowed to observe the holiday within the 30 calendar days following the UW paid holiday.

Holidays do not carry over upon reappointment and are not eligible for payout upon termination/resignation.

Civil Duty Leave

Regular pay while on civil duty time off. Civil duty leave does not apply to legal actions initiated by or that name the Fellow non-ACGME as a defendant or witness in a private legal action unrelated to a UW appointment.

Leave Without Pay

Full or partial leaves without pay will be at the University’s sole discretion and in accordance with NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service award (NRSA) guidelines (if applicable).

Generally, leave may be approved for personal reasons related to medical or family care obligations. Leave will not be approved for outside work or in response to a loss of funding. If granted by the University, such leave shall not continue beyond the end of the appointment and does not extend eligibility in this title.