The information in this section outlines UW policies and procedures for paid and unpaid leave for academic personnel not covered on other leaves pages. For information about federal and state laws that impact all UW academic personnel including FMLA and PFML, visit the Federal/State Leaves section.

  • Educators
  • Visiting scientists

How to Apply

All leave requests, except FMLA, for other academic personnel are handled at the local level. Contact your local unit administrator to apply.


For more details about leaves for educators, contact the College of Education.

  • Educators accrue paid vacation and sick time off
  • Educators may apply for unpaid leave

Visiting Scientist

For details about visiting scientists, contact an Academic HR Business Partner at

Partial Leave

In limited circumstances and for a limited period of time, an employee who holds an visiting scientist appointment may be permitted to take a partial leave without pay for reasons related to family obligations.