Effective September 27, 2023, all medical, parental, military and domestic violence leaves will be managed by UWHR’s Leave Specialist Team.

  • Full-time (100% FTE) librarians receive 8 hours of regular pay for each holiday, including the personal holiday.
  • Part-time (50% FTE) librarians receive holiday pay at a rate proportionate to their appointment percentage (e.g., half-time librarians receive 4 hours of regular pay for each holiday).


  • Librarians are eligible to be paid for the holiday if they are in pay status for the entire work shift on the work day preceding a holiday.
  • The personal holiday is an annual day off work that librarians are eligible for after completing the first 4 months of employment. This is in addition to the regularly scheduled state holidays.
  • Librarians who hold appointments of less than 12 months during the calendar year are eligible to receive only those holidays that fall within their appointment period.

Holidays, Holiday Credit, and Alternate Schedules

Any schedules outside the traditional Monday-Friday, 8 hours per day are called alternate. Working an alternate schedule requires special attention to holiday-related leave. If a holiday falls on an employee’s regularly scheduled day off, the employee receives holiday credit equal to the full-time percentage. If a holiday falls on a day when the employee would normally work more time (e.g. 10 hours) than the holiday’s hourly equivalent (e.g. 8 hours) there are special holiday time accounting considerations. See Holiday Leave Record Keeping for examples.

Holiday Credit Use Deadlines

All accrued holiday credit must be used or paid annually by June 30. The balance of unused holiday credit should be used or paid if an employee moves from one job to another within the University or when terminating from University employment.

Using the Personal Holiday

  • The personal holiday is paid at a rate equivalent to the effective FTE at the time the holiday is taken (e.g. 100% FTE = 8 hrs, 75% FTE = 6 hrs, 50% FTE = 4 hrs).
    You must take the personal holiday as a single day off work, unless donated to another employee as shared leave, in which case you must use your remaining personal holiday at one time.
  • If you do not use your personal holiday by the end of the calendar year, you lose it.
    If you move from one position to another within the University, or to a position at another state agency without a break in service, the unused personal holiday transfers with you.
  • If you leave University employment, you will not be paid for an unused personal holiday.

How to Apply

Check with your local unit contact for guidance on requesting or extending your holiday credit use.