Annual leave is accrued by all librarians and may be used for reasons such as:

  • Personal time
  • Sick leave reasons
  • Emergency childcare situations
  • Inclement weather when the employee is otherwise scheduled to work

Maximum Allotment

Librarians accrue 26 days of annual leave per year regardless of years of service.

Accrual and Eligibility

This leave accrues monthly at a rate of 17.33 hours per month. Hours accrue at the end of the calendar month, and are available to use the following month. Keep in mind that librarians hired after the 15th of the month will accrue leave starting the following month.

How do I apply?

Request through your local unit contact.

Annual Leave Payout for Terminated Librarians

Upon employment termination of employment, librarians who have completed at least 6 months of continuous service are paid for their unused annual leave up to the maximum balance of 288 hours. Hours that exceed the 288 limit will be forfeited. Payout is based on the rate at the time of termination. Payment is based on the regular salary at the time of termination. Librarians who have not completed 6 months of employment are not eligible for annual leave compensation.