All facets of University of Washington librarian appointments, such as appointment duration, performance evaluations, promotions, among other topics, are outlined in the UW Librarian Personnel Code. Information related to leaves may be found on the pages in this web section.

General Leave Accrual

Librarians employed at the UW between the first and the 15th of the month will accrue leave for that month. This leave will not be available until the first day of the following month.

Part-time librarians accrue leave hours on a pro-rated basis based on monthly FTE. Leave is available after the first month of service.

Librarians do not accrue leave hours when they are on leave without pay status for more than 10 working days, including holidays. When prior state service is credited, leave is also not accrued.

If your UW employment ends on or after the 16th of the month, full annual leave and sick hours will be earned for that month; however, if separation occurs prior to the 16th of the month, these hours will not accrue for that month.

Sabbatical (Paid Professional) Leaves

Details about sabbatical leaves are housed in the resources for unit administrators because this type of leave is primarily managed outside of the Office of Academic Personnel.

UWHR Administered Leave Programs

Librarians are also eligible for the following programs, which are administered by UWHR:
Civil Duty Leave
Attendance Incentive Program
Shared Leave Programs