Note: The information on this page provides a brief summary of leave provisions per the collective bargaining agreement and does not supersede the agreement.

Academic titles governed by this contract:

  • Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Postdoctoral Scholar-Fellow
  • Interim Postdoctoral Scholar

Governing collective bargaining agreement (CBA)

Note: Related CBA provisions will not apply to any postdoctoral scholar appointed on a grant or contract that restricts time off or leave or requires time off or leave to comply with the specific conditions of the grant or contract. Similarly, if a grant or contract provides more generous leave and time off benefits than the CBA, the postdoctoral scholar will be entitled to the benefits in the contract or grant. These provisions supersede any other leave benefits that apply to postdoctoral scholars with an additional faculty appointment.

How to Apply

Check with your local unit contact.

Bereavement Leave

Postdoctoral scholars are given up to 3 days of leave for the death of a family member as defined in the CBA.

Maternity-Related Disability and Parental Leave

For details see the Becoming a Parent page.

Vacation Time Off

Postdoctoral scholars have access to 21 days of paid vacation time off at the beginning of the month following the start of each 1-year appointment period. This allotment is prorated for those with appointment periods of less than one year.

Unused vacation time off will lapse 12 months from the date it was received and at the expiration of each appointment period. This time off is not paid at separation, does not transfer between employment programs, and is not eligible for shared leave donation.

Sick Time Off

Postdoctoral scholars also have 1 day of paid sick time-off for every month in their appointment. Paid sick time off will be preloaded annually and available at the beginning of the month following the start of the appointment. Up to 12 days of unused sick time off will carry forward to the next appointment year.

Personal Holiday

One paid holiday per calendar year is given to postdoctoral scholars.

Unpaid Leave of Absence

A postdoctoral scholar or postdoctoral scholar-fellow may be permitted to take a partial leave of absence without pay for personal reasons related to a medical condition or family obligations. All other unpaid leave must be a full-time leave of absence. The University may grant a postdoctoral scholar or postdoctoral scholar-fellow an unpaid personal leave of absence at its sole discretion.