Formerly UW Housestaff Association (UWHA)

Note: The information on this page provides a brief summary of leave provisions per the collective bargaining agreement and does not supersede the agreement.

Academic titles governed by this contract:

  • Residents and Fellows in ACGME-accredited programs

Governing Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

How to Apply for Leaves

Contact Graduate Medical Education (GME) at

Bereavement Leave

Paid bereavement leave for the death of a family member (as defined by the CBA) will not exceed 3 days. Up to 2 additional days may be granted if significant travel is required.

Paid Family & Medical Leave (Washington State benefits program)

Represented employees may be eligible for up to 12 weeks of Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) during their appointment if they have used all eligible vacation and sick leave, and would otherwise need to take leave without pay or separate from the UW GME training program because of a qualifying condition.

Parental Leave

For general information about becoming a parent and parental leave visit the Becoming a Parent page.

A combination of vacation, up to 18 weeks of sick leave, personal holiday, and/or unpaid time off may be used while on parental leave (refer to the CBA for the definition of parental leave).

Pregnancy Accommodations

Pregnant employees are encouraged to seek needed accommodations to their schedules and work responsibilities during their pregnancy and for 2 months afterwards. Pregnant employees may request accommodations from their program director or from the UW Disability Services Office (DSO).

Professional Leave

Represented employees may receive up to 10 days of paid professional leave per academic year for professional activities as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement. Additional professional leave in excess of 10 days may be granted at the discretion of the program director.

Sick Leave

Represented employees have 17 days (12 weekdays and 5 weekend days) of paid sick leave at the start of each 1-year appointment period. When appointed less than full-time, represented employees receive sick leave credit on a prorated basis.

Vacation Leave

Represented employees receive 24 days (18 weekdays and 6 weekend days) of paid vacation at the start of each 1-year appointment period*. Those employees appointed at less than full-time but greater than or equal to 50% FTE will receive vacation leave credit on a prorated basis. Represented employees appointed less than 50% FTE are not eligible to receive and/or use vacation leave. Unused vacation leave lapses at the expiration of each appointment period.

*The number of paid vacation days for a given program may vary. Contact your program administrator or the GME office for more information.

Personal Leave

Represented employees are entitled to 1 paid personal holiday per calendar year. If unused in the calendar year, the personal holiday is forfeited.

Civil Duty Leave

Represented employees are eligible for paid leave for the duration of their approved civil duty leave.