The information in this section outlines UW policies and procedures for paid and unpaid leave for faculty. For information about federal and state laws, such as FMLA and PFML, that impact all UW academic personnel, visit the Federal/State Leaves section.

Paid Time Off vs. Leave

There are various federal and state laws that provide employees with job-protected leave and benefits continuation. While the majority of these leaves allow for an employee to take time off, they do not guarantee salary continuation while on leave. In order to be paid while on these types of federal and state legislated leaves, faculty and academic staff may be eligible for salary continuation. Details about the UW paid sick leave policy are included on the Paid Sick Leave page.

Sabbatical (Paid Professional) Leaves

Details about sabbatical leaves are housed in the resources for unit administrators because this type of leave is primarily managed outside of the Office of Academic Personnel.