The Workday report R0749: Post Sabbatical Return Obligation Audit supports units in assessing whether faculty and librarians have met their return to service obligation following a sabbatical. Units should run this audit report after being notified of a resignation or retirement to help determine if there is an unmet return to service obligation. The audit can also be run annually to promote awareness of ongoing return to service obligations.

The Office of Academic Personnel makes the final determination of return to service obligations.

The table below describes each obligation status and subsequent actions needed.

Obligation Status Context Action
Likely met No leaves were taken during the service obligation period and sabbatical was taken in one academic year without interruption Verify all leaves have been entered into Workday; if no missing data, no further action required
Not yet met – see earliest obligation fulfillment date Earliest Obligation Fulfillment Date is in the future No action required
Obligation likely unmet – termination precedes earliest obligation fulfillment date Termination with an effective date before the Obligation Fulfillment Date has been completed in Workday Review the OAP Sabbatical page for return to service details and contact your Academic HR specialist to discuss
Requires analysis – missing salary support data Salary Support level was not entered as the “Leave Reason” in Workday Enter salary support data by revising leave request entry and selecting the appropriate value in the “Leave Reason”
Requires analysis – review sabbatical end date Sabbatical End Date is in the past, but the person has not yet been returned from leave Return the person from leave or correct the leave entry
Requires analysis – sabbatical taken over multiple years Sabbatical spanned multiple academic years or was taken in non-consecutive quarters during the same academic year Review full leave history to ensure that the return to service obligation for each completed sabbatical quarter has been met
Requires analysis – subsequent leave taken Leave was taken during the service obligation period Review full leave history to determine whether the obligation has been met
Sabbatical in progress Last Day of Leave – Estimated is in the future and Last Day of Leave – Actual is not populated No action required