UW Evaluator’s Guide to Interfolio Faculty Search

Reference Letters

If reference letters are submitted by the applicant, they should appear in the document list in the Materials Viewer for each applicant.

The search Administrator can also use FS to request confidential letters of recommendation directly from recommenders on behalf of an applicant. This allows a search committee to request recommendations from a list of potential evaluators suggested by the applicant without involving the applicant in the request process. Evaluators should work with the search Administrator when they are ready to request letters.

Best Practice - External Letters

Instead of requiring reference letters up front, consider requiring applicants to provide contact information (including name, phone number, and email) for external references. This allows the search committee the option of only sending out for letters for those applicants who meet specific criteria or progress to a given stage of the search (e.g., the short list). Requiring receipt of external letters before an application will be considered ‘complete’ can protract the search significantly and exclude otherwise qualified applicants from timely consideration.

Last updated July 1, 2018 at 20:36 pm