Academic Personnel

Personal Holidays – Librarians

The personal holiday is a day off work that eligible monthly-paid librarians receive each year in addition to the regularly scheduled state holidays.


You receive and are eligible to use your personal holiday after you complete your initial four (4) months of employment.

Using the Personal Holiday

  • The personal holiday is paid at a rate equivalent to the FTE in effect at the time the holiday is taken (e.g. 100% FTE = 8 hrs., 75% FTE = 6 hrs., 50% FTE = 4 hrs.).
  • You must take the personal holiday as a single day off work, except that you may donate a part of your personal holiday to another employee as shared leave, in which case you must use your remaining personal holiday at one time.
  • If you do not use your personal holiday by the end of the calendar year, you lose it.
  • If you move from one position to another within the University, or to a position at another state agency without a break in service, the unused personal holiday transfers with you.
  • If you leave University employment, you will not be paid for an unused personal holiday.

Contact your unit administrator for guidance about the leave request process.