Academic Personnel

Termination and Resignation

Resignation Notification

A faculty member has a professional obligation to give a written notice of resignation at the earliest possible opportunity. Normally such resignations should be given at least 3 months before the termination date, or within 15 days of reappointment notification, whichever occurs later, and should ordinarily become effective at the end of an academic year.
The resignation letter should include:

  • Reason for leaving
  • Official resignation date
  • If new place of employment:
    • Name of new employer
    • What title will be held
    • Location

Employee Responsibilities

This list is a suggested guide. Units may have their own lists that differ from this.

  • Contact Information
    • Update contact information in Workday if necessary.
    • Update UW directory information if transferring
  • Human Resources
    • Review benefits information and rates to continue medical and/or dental via COBRA, as well as accessing retirement or VIP contributions; continuing life insurance, etc.
    • Retiring employees must officially retire from the UW in order to obtain all rights and benefits
    • If you have a child enrolled in one of the University’s on-site childcare centers, notify the center that you are separating from UW employment
  • Communications
    • Set up an auto-reply email message to let others know you have separated, or forward your account to another employee
    • Set up a voicemail message informing callers of your departure and provide contact information for callers to get assistance from an appropriate UW employee
  • UW Travel Card
    • Email with your name and the last 4 digits of the account number to cancel the card. Outstanding balances must be paid in full. Turn in cancelled travel card to administrator.
  • Return/provide items to unit administrator
    • Equipment
      • Keys (office, building, desk, and file cabinets) and building use permits
      • UW equipment such as laptops, cell phones, pagers, software, or other tools, including any UW equipment at your residence
    • Cards
      • Cancel travel card, Husky Card and ProCard
    • Information
      • Voicemail password
      • Departmental computer passwords and computer access codes
      • Location of electronic and paper files

Resigning and Remaining as Affiliate/Clinical Faculty

Faculty who do resign but are offered and accept an appointment to remain as affiliate or clinical courtesy faculty must follow the procedures for resignation.

Retirement and Emeritus Appointments

For information regarding retirement and emeritus appointments, visit the Current and Future Retiree Portal.

Additional Resources

Integrated Service Center(ISC)
UW Benefits Office
UW Retirement Association
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