Academic Personnel

Leave Without Pay

University of Washington faculty and librarians may apply for a full or partial leave of absence without pay. Requests are approved for up to one academic year at a time for a maximum of two consecutive years.

Requesting Leave Without Pay

Contact your unit administrator for guidance about the leave request process. Whenever possible, requests should be submitted at least 30 calendar days before the leave begins. You will be notified whether or not your request is approved.

Leave without pay is usually used for the following reasons.

  • Extended Medical Leave

If an employee has exhausted Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitlement and/or paid sick leave, they may request leave without pay. At the end of the leave, employees must obtain a release for work from their healthcare provider and submit it to Academic Human Resources (AHR) prior to returning to work. Contact the Disability Services Office if seeking a reasonable accommodation.

  • Outside Professional Work for Compensation

Employees may be required under certain conditions to request leave without pay to perform work outside the University.

  • Parental Leave (Non-Medical)

Academic units may require that parental leave be taken in one continuous period of time away from work. Parental leave must be taken within 12 months of the child’s birth, adoption or placement into foster care with the employee. For other leaves without pay, the unit will determine if intermittent working or working on a reduced schedule will be allowed.

  • Personal Leave (Non-Medical)

Employees may request full or partial leave to fulfill family obligations or to pursue personal interests.

Partial Leave for Senior Fellows, Senior Fellow-Trainees, Research Associates, Research Associate-Trainees, and Visiting Scientists

In limited circumstances and for a limited period of time, an employee who holds an appointment in any of these titles may be permitted to take a partial leave of absence without pay for reasons related to family obligations:

  • Senior Fellow
  • Senior Fellow-Trainee
  • Research Associate
  • Research Associate-Trainee
  • Visiting Scientist

Unit Administrator Responsibilities

For help with Workday, contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC).

Maintaining Benefits

Contact the ISC for more information about maintaining health care benefits while on a leave of absence without pay.

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