Academic Personnel

Postponements and Denials

Postponement of Promotion/Award of Tenure

Prior to issuing a decision or recommendation that is not favorable for a candidate, the dean/chancellor of the unit shall provide the candidate with his or her recommendation and discuss those reasons with the candidate. The candidate may then respond in writing to the dean/chancellor within seven calendar days of the discussion.

The University of Washington requires that all mandatory reviews for promotion/award of tenure must be forwarded to the provost, regardless of the recommendation, for final determination. Provost action is not required on unsuccessful non-mandatory reviews, but any non-mandatory recommendation to deny a promotion/award of tenure to which the candidate submits a written response to the dean/chancellor will be transmitted from the dean/chancellor to the provost for informational purposes.

In the case of the provost issuing a postponement or denial for a mandatory review, the provost will notify the dean/chancellor of the decision. For mandatory and non-mandatory reviews, the dean/chancellor must inform the candidate of the outcome, and if the result is not favorable, the reasons therefor.

This overview of the promotion review process is supplemental not intended to conflict with the requirements of the Faculty Code Section 24-54 and Executive Order No. V.

If a promotion or tenure recommendation has been postponed for one academic year, the faculty member’s record will be reviewed during the next year for a final determination of promotion/award of tenure. Along with any additional promotion and/or tenure packet materials, new external review letters should be obtained for the following year’s consideration. If desired, the original review letters (labeled as such) may also be included in the documentation materials. Once a decision to postpone has been made, there is no option to postpone again in the future, leaving only the options to approve or deny the petition for promotion/award of tenure.


If a recommendation for a promotion/tenure petition is denied by the provost, the faculty member will be granted one final year of employment at their current title. At the end of that academic year, their appointment will be terminated and they will be ineligible to be employed by the University as a faculty member after the final day of their appointment.


In the case of an unfavorable recommendation from the dean/chancellor, in lieu of sending the packet to the provost for final review, a faculty member may choose to withdraw their petition for promotion/award of tenure. For non-mandatory reviews, this will have no bearing on their standing in the University and their promotion and tenure materials will be kept on file for information purposes only. For mandatory reviews, a withdrawal of the promotion/tenure paperwork would need to be accompanied by a letter of resignation, effective no later than the last day of their appointment in the given academic year. By resigning their appointment, the faculty member will no longer be able to hold any professorial appointments at the University, but may be eligible for other employment opportunities within the University.