Secondary Appointments

A joint appointment recognizes a faculty member’s long-term commitment to, and participation in, two or more units.  One unit shall be designated the primary unit and the others secondary. This designation can be changed only with the concurrence of the faculty member and the appointing units.

  • Voting rights, and/or tenure may be conferred in the secondary unit. These decisions must be outlined in the appointment documentation
  • The joint appointment duration will match the primary appointment duration
  • Personnel determinations (salaries, promotions, leave, etc.) originate with the primary unit, but may be proposed by the secondary unit, and all actions must have the concurrence of the secondary unit

An adjunct appointment is made only to a faculty member already holding a primary appointment in another unit. This title recognizes the contributions of a member of the faculty to a secondary unit.

  • Adjunct appointments do not confer governance or voting privileges or eligibility for tenure in the secondary unit
  • Adjunct appointments are annual; the question of their renewal shall be considered each year by the faculty of the secondary unit
  • The adjunct unit chair/director must provide a recommendation at such time that the primary appointment may be considered for promotion

Adding Joint and Adjunct Appointments

A unit may ask you to consider a joint or adjunct appointment with their unit, or you may approach a unit requesting to be considered for joint or adjunct status. If you wish to obtain a joint or adjunct appointment, you must seek support for the appointment from your primary unit chair or director and go through an appointment process that follows unit guidelines as well as criteria set forth in the Faculty Code.

Ending Joint and Adjunct Appointments

You can resign a joint appointment by submitting a resignation letter to the joint unit, or you and the appointing units may concur to discontinue the joint appointment. If your primary appointment ends, your adjunct appointment will end. You can resign an adjunct appointment by submitting a resignation letter to the adjunct unit, or the adjunct unit may non-renew an adjunct appointment. In the case of a non-renewal, the unit or dean/chancellor’s office will notify you and the appointment will end at the conclusion of the academic year.

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