In Autumn 2019, the Office of Academic Personnel (OAP) adopted a new 3-year strategic plan. The plan represents months of reflection and discussion to identify a grand challenge on which we would concentrate our improvement efforts. We determined that the greatest return on investment would come from focusing on the accuracy, reliability, and usability of academic personnel data and information. With that in mind, OAP chose 3 strategic priorities.

Strategic Priorities

  • Redesign and validate the OAP website
  • Develop and deploy a long-term plan to reduce chronic data errors – mostly in Workday
  • Get ‘leaner’ on at least one complex process per year

We believe that focused work on these priorities will have a direct and meaningful impact not only on our own work, but on the work of our academic partners. To keep us focused, we established 3 principles to guide our work:

Guiding Principles

  • Seek to eliminate unnecessary complexity in how we organize, deliver, and monitor academic personnel information
  • Develop, advocate for, and employ sustainable (i.e., well‐understood and repeatable) practices/processes that promote confidence in that information
  • Empower people within and beyond our teams to be more productive and efficient through the use of that information

A year into our plan, we are delighted to report significant gains. Examples include major improvements to the J-1 visa process, a move to electronic receipt of clinical/affiliate promotion files, multiple Workday data clean-up efforts yielding important reductions in data errors, and expansive updates to OAP’s web content and structure including, most recently, the launch of a brand new homepage and About Us section. In the new About Us section, you’ll find an infographic of our strategic plan, along with other useful information about our organization.

We look forward to continued progress in the remaining two years of our plan. If you would like to share feedback including examples of how our strategic work has impacted work in your own unit, please reach out to OAP Communication Specialist Mandy Toomey. As always, thanks for all you do in partnership and support of this important work.