In April, the University of Washington’s voting-eligible faculty approved legislation to amend the UW Faculty Code and establish a new professorial teaching track. Select UW lecturers, senior lecturers, and principal lecturers who meet specific eligibility criteria set forth in the approved legislation will convert to assistant teaching professor, associate teaching professor, and teaching professor ranks, respectively. Not all lecturer titles are eligible to convert, so units should not notify faculty or otherwise alter appointment/reappointment letters at this time. The Office of Academic Personnel (OAP) is working with the Integrated Service Center (ISC) to plan for and centrally-manage the conversion of eligible academic personnel into this new track with the goal of completing the conversion on September 16, 2020.

Planning for Recruitment

Units who prioritize as a critical hire the continuation of an active competitive recruitment for a Lecturer Full-time, Senior Lecturer Full-time, or Senior Lecturer Part-time, must include the proposed hire on their 2020-21 hiring plan submission. This step must be taken regardless of whether or not it was a requirement on their 2019-20 hiring plan. Such recruitments should be included in the hiring plan request using the currently recruited lecturer title(s). Until approved on your 2020-21 hiring plan, these recruitments remain subject to the provost’s restricted hiring protocols as communicated to deans and chancellors and as outlined on the OAP Search and Hire Overview page.

Units who wish to recruit in the newly created professorial teaching track (assistant teaching professor, associate teaching professor, teaching professor) must include the proposed hires on their 2020-21 hiring plan, which is subject to review and approval by the provost.

In the coming months, OAP will follow up with more details about how the conversion will work, how to approach new professorial teaching track hires, and what academic units can do to support a smooth transition.