The Office of Academic Personnel (AP) is launching a data cleanup initiative this Spring Quarter.

We are looking for support from academic units across all campuses to resolve the following issues in Workday:

  • Invalid Appointment Identifiers
  • Invalid End Dates for appointments, positions, and compensation plans
  • Missing Academic Appointments
  • Missing Positions for academic personnel

Correcting the existing appointment, position and compensation records will ensure that processes scheduled to take place in the near future are more accurate and impact the correct population. These improvements will ensure UW academic personnel are correctly paid and included in processes such as Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Reviews, and Merit Reviews.

Lists of academic personnel records in need of correction will be emailed to dean’s offices on April 25th. Please make all updates in Workday by June 15, 2019.

NEW TOOL: Academic Appointments and Positions Navigator

The Office of Academic Personnel has created a new reference tool, the Academic Appointments and Positions Navigator, to support the data cleanup initiative and improve data quality in Workday. The tool is a reference guide outlining valid entries for academic appointments and positions in the Academic Personnel job family group. A link to the tool will be included in the emails sent on April 25th.

Looking ahead AP is working with the ISC to make configuration changes and develop additional reports in Workday to address these data issues. If there are specific reports or changes to Workday that would be beneficial to you, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Questions or comments should be directed to Carla Englander, Senior Reporting Analyst, at