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Postdoctoral Scholar - Atmospheric Sciences (Cloud-Aerosol Interaction)

Position Overview

School / Campus / College: College of the Environment

Organization: Atmospheric Sciences

Title: Postdoctoral Scholar - Atmospheric Sciences (Cloud-Aerosol Interaction)

Position Details

Position Description

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences at  the University of Washington is seeking two Postdoctoral Scholar positions focused on understanding aerosol-cloud interactions in mixed phase clouds. The position will focus on (a) extending a numerical model of aerosol processing in liquid clouds to include ice phase processes and studying the impact of cloud-aerosol interactions on mixed-phase clouds during marine cold air outbreaks; (b) conducting observational analyses with ground-based and airborne measurements to study factors controlling the development of precipitation in marine cold air outbreaks, including interactions between aerosols, clouds, and turbulence.

Project Summary

Predictions of past and present climate change are complicated by the uncertain magnitude of cloud-aerosol interactions, which are difficult to constrain using observations and global climate models.  Simulating cloud-aerosol interactions at fine, eddy-resolving scales may lead to greater understanding of the processes at work and also to improved representation of these processes in coarser-scale models used for climate prediction.  The first postdoctoral scholar will extend an existing aerosol processes and chemistry in liquid clouds to include ice and mixed-phase cloud and aerosol processes.  The aerosol treatment represents both ultra-fine (Aitken) particles and cloud condensation nuclei, and a focus of the project is to understand the role of these ultra-fine particles in cloud processes and, in particular, cloud transitions from overcast to broken cloud regimes. The second postdoctoral scholar will focus on the application of the role of ultra-fine particles in marine cold air outbreaks, bringing together detailed observations and modeling to improve understanding. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Extend an existing treatment of aerosol processing and chemistry in liquid clouds to include ice and mixed-phase processes.

  • Simulate cloud-aerosol interactions in mixed-phase clouds over the ocean, including analyses of how changes in aerosol impact cloud processes and evolution.

  • Synthesize and analyze new observational datasets of marine mixed-phase clouds.

  • Compare the simulated cloud and aerosol to observations, from both in situ observations and remote sensing, and conduct analyses to elucidate the source of model deficiencies in accurate cloud field representation.

Both positions are a twelve month appointment at 100% FTE with the opportunity to extend to a second year subject to job performance approval and availability of funding. A Postdoctoral Scholar is an academic appointment that requires evidence of a conferred PhD by the appointment start date and candidates cannot exceed five years of Postdoctoral experience prior to the end of an appointment. 

Postdoctoral scholars are represented by UAW 4121 and are subject to the collective bargaining agreement, unless agreed exclusion criteria apply. For more information, please visit the University of Washington Labor Relations. 



A Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences or related field, experience in high resolution modeling of fluid flow, and/or a background in cloud-related research.    


It is preferred that candidates have experience with one or more of the following: atmospheric modeling at large eddy simulation or cloud-resolving scales; experience in developing or modifying model parameterizations of aerosol or cloud processes; experience using ground based observational datasets to understand cloud-aerosol interactions; experience and have a strong programming background (ideally including experience with fortran) and verbal and written communication skills. We are especially interested in candidates who have experience in one or more of the following areas: numerical modeling, aerosol-cloud interactions, cloud physics, observationally-based model evaluation, ground-based remote sensing.


To apply, please submit the following application materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A cover letter outlining current research accomplishments and a statement of how your experience meets the requirements for the postdoctoral position 
  • Contact information for three professional references who would be willing to write a letter of recommendation. (Please do not submit letters of recommendation; these will be requested by evaluators). 

Consideration of applications will begin immediately and continue until the positions are filled. For questions about the positions, please contact Professors Peter Blossey ( and Robert Wood ( by email.  

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