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Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor Full-Time/Director of the SCTL MS Program, University of Washington – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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School / Campus / College: College of Engineering

Organization: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Title: Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor Full-Time/Director of the SCTL MS Program, University of Washington – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Position Details

Position Description

Position Description:
The University of Washington seeks applications for the Faculty Director of the Master of Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics (MSCTL) program. The successful applicant will work independently as Faculty Director while also having an academic appointment as an Assistant or Associate Teaching Professor, full-time, in the University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) for three years, with the possibility of renewal. The rank is commensurate with qualifications and experience. This position has a nine-month appointment with three additional months of summer support; the candidate is expected to work during the summer months with an ideal start date on or before June 16, 2022. This position includes faculty voting rights in CEE, but is not tenure eligible. Compensation will be commensurate with applicant qualifications, and reflects the dual role of both Faculty Director and Assistant/Associate Teaching Professor. The Faculty Director will work closely with the CEE and SCTL Faculty, and a team of dedicated MSCTL staff to envision and implement strategic priorities for the program.

The successful candidate’s intended appointment will be in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. CEE offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees and is committed to the guiding principles of respect for people, equity, interdisciplinary exploration, and thoughtful impact. What distinguishes the MSCTL Faculty Director from mainstream academic appointments is that in addition to having teaching responsibilities within the MSCTL program and the broader CEE degree programs, the Faculty Director will also have responsibility for MSCTL program administration and implementation of strategic initiatives to advance the program. To best support MSCTL students and fulfill leadership responsibilities, this position does not allow time for significant research or practice.

The opportunity is to be an integral part of a nationally recognized graduate program where the emphasis is on student experience and curricular relevance in the exciting field of Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics.

About the MSCTL Program
About the Transportation Engineering Program

Position Purpose:
The Faculty Director is responsible for the Master of Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Degree Program. This includes curriculum development, faculty recruitment and management, student recruitment, financial management, compliance with University policy, quality control, program operations, and staff management. The Faculty Director also leads marketing strategy, coordination with UW Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) and CEE staff, management and recruitment of the Advisory Board, and program delivery. The Faculty Director is both internally and externally facing; managing academic as well as administrative elements to maintain program visibility, ensure smooth running of the program, ensure program quality, and student satisfaction.

In addition, as an Assistant / Associate Teaching Professor, the successful candidate will teach four courses, one for the MSCTL program, and three for the CEE Transportation Engineering program. The specific courses taught, and timing of these courses, will be arranged in consultation with the Transportation Engineering faculty and Department Chair. These could include existing courses offered by the Department, or new courses developed by the candidate.

Position Complexities:
● Ensuring the highest levels of student success and satisfaction in a remote environment
● Balancing academic quality of the program with financial viability
● Keeping program up to date in an intensely competitive supply chain education environment as well as quickly changing technological environment
● Recruiting high quality students in a crowded and competitive market place
● Managing relationships within UW and with external partners. This includes PCE, CEE, and the graduate school, as well as external partners including faculty, Advisory Board members, alumni, and leaders at organizations with candidate student populations
● Managing the complexities that may arise due to a distributed and non-traditional population of students
● Ensuring the populations of faculty and advisory board members represent a diverse pool of supply chain experts
● Balancing teaching with administrative responsibilities

Position Dimensions and Impact to the University:
This position is ultimately responsible for the success and quality of the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics program; keeping the curriculum up to date and relevant, ensuring instructional excellence, ensuring a robust population of applicants, keeping costs manageable, ensuring quality delivery of all aspects of the program, and constantly improving and innovating on the program’s model and content.

Success of the program will rely on recruiting the most talented and knowledgeable online instructors, delivering excellent courses, hearing student needs of addressing their concerns, and through effecting PR and marketing.

Current program goals include 40+ applicants, 35 accepted students, and 30 enrolled students annually. To maintain program economic viability, program revenues must currently exceed $1,000,000 annually. Currently faculty retention exceeds 90% and Advisory Board attendance exceeds 60%.

The Faculty Director will ensure the SCTL program maintains its position as one of the best in the nation; tracking program success measures, course and degree-level satisfaction amongst current students and alumni. As a Teaching Faculty for the Transportation Engineering program, the candidate will work with the Transportation Engineering faculty to determine which courses should be taught, and then design and deliver quality courses at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Duties and Responsibilities (percentages based on 12 month work schedule):
Teaching and Curriculum Development (40%)
● Prepare and teach SCTL 501, “The Residency”
● Prepare and teach three courses for the Transportation Engineering program at the undergraduate or graduate level

Vision, Leadership, and Strategy (30%)
● Be proactive and dogged in pursuit of student satisfaction.
● Recruit, manage and review top-quality online instructors. Perform annual reviews and course drop-in visits. Research and share best practice in online instruction with program faculty. Manage quarterly faculty meetings and annual faculty retreat.
● Ensure cutting edge and innovative curriculum is delivered to SCTL students. Ensure curriculum is tightly aligned with the skill sets most sought after in the current job marketplace, and this is refreshed and renewed on an annual basis.
● Produce suite of annual performance measures and compare to targets. Identify and undertake strategies to address any deficits.
● Recruit, manage, measure, and incentivize program staff. Proactively address and resolve any staff concerns.
● Oversee operations of annual events including graduation, residency week, student recruitment events, and conference attendance.
● Oversee program communications and marketing staff
● Ensure program meets annual revenue and cost targets

Recruiting, Admissions, and Advising Support (5%)
● Review applications, ensure students are notified in a timely and respectful manner
● Ensure an equitable recruitment process that ensures a robust pool of diverse applicants
● Oversee program advising staff
● Establish both strategic and tactical marketing and PR plans to raise the profile of the program, ensure a robust applicant pipeline, and drive a satisfactory number of qualified applicants

Industry, Campus, and Community Relations (20%)
● Recruit, engage, and exceed expectations of the diverse members of the advisory board
● Represent the Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
● Boost the program’s ranking year-over-year in annual reviews like those prepared by US News and World Report
● Engage alumni in program activities and support association activities

University Service (5%)
● Work with Civil and Environmental Engineering Department to align program goals and operating practices
● Coordinate with Professional and Continuing Education, the Graduate School and other campus units


The position requires a PhD (or foreign equivalent) in Civil and Environmental Engineering, or field related to Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics, and teaching expertise. Positive factors for consideration include but are not limited to, program directorship experience, supply chain transportation and logistics professional experience. 


To apply, please submit the following materials via Interfolio. Review of applications will begin April 11, 2022. 

  1. Cover Letter: a one-page cover letter,
  2.  a curriculum vitae,
  3.  Teaching Statement: up to a one-page description of the candidate’s vision for instruction and learning in civil and environmental engineering,
  4. Leadership Statement: up to a one-page description of the candidate’s leadership approach and values statement
  5. Diversity Statement: up to a one-page description of the candidate’s contributions to and vision for promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion with particular attention to mentoring achievements and future mentoring goals,
  6. References: a list of at least three references, including names, affiliations, and email addresses. 
  7. Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form: State law requires that the University of Washington obtain the Disclosure of Sexual Misconduct declaration signed by the candidate. The declaration will require you to disclose any substantiated findings of sexual misconduct, to authorize current and past employers to disclose to the UW any sexual misconduct currently being investigated and/or committed by you, and to release current and past employers from any liability.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All
qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed,
religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information,
gender identity or expression, age, disability, or protected veteran status.

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