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CICOES Postdoctoral Scholar Program 2022

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School / Campus / College: College of the Environment

Organization: Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean, and Ecosystem Studies

Title: CICOES Postdoctoral Scholar Program 2022

Position Details

Position Description

The Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean, and Ecosystem Studies (CICOES) seeks at least three Postdoctoral Scholars with research interests in climate, oceanography, and/or ecosystem science including management and policy. Postdocs may be located at any one of the three consortium member universities: University of Washington (UW), Oregon State University (OSU), and University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). As a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored Cooperative Institute, CICOES promotes and facilitates collaborative research among partner universities and the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC), the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NWFSC), and/or the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL).

Successful appointments are based on the applicant’s research proposal. Applicants are expected to conduct research in at least one of CICOES’ nine research themes: climate and ocean variability, change, and impacts; Earth systems and processes; environmental chemistry and ocean carbon; marine ecosystems; ocean and coastal observations; environmental data science, aquaculture science, human dimensions in marine systems, and polar studies.

Applicants are required to demonstrate research relevance to both CICOES and at least one of the NOAA programs at AFSC, NWFSC, or PMEL. In addition to their University mentor, the Postdoctoral Scholar will conduct research in association with at least one scientist directly associated with scientific programs at AFSC, NWFSC, and/or PMEL. A list of potential PI mentors can be found at these links: UW, UAF, and OSU.

The impact of CICOES’s environmental research is felt by communities all over the world, and a broad variety of perspectives and life experiences is essential to the success of this research. We encourage candidates from groups historically and currently underrepresented in these fields to apply. Please read our institutional commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion at UW, UAF, and OSU at the end of this ad.

Appointments have a 12-month service period, renewable for a second 12 months subject to approval and availability of funding. A competitive salary, a small research/travel budget, and a relocation stipend are included in the award.


Applicants must hold a Ph.D. in a CICOES-relevant field. A Postdoctoral Scholar is an academic appointment that requires evidence of a conferred PhD by the appointment start date. Anticipated start dates range from July to December 2022. Candidates cannot exceed 5 years of total Postdoctoral experience during the tenure of their fellowship.  Students or current Postdoctoral Scholars proposing to remain at their existing institutions will only be considered under extraordinary circumstances.


Applicants are asked to submit an electronic package via Interfolio ( that contains:

  • a cover letter specifying research interests, proposed project summary, academic and NOAA program mentors that have agreed to support the research, and a brief narrative describing connections of the proposed project between CICOES, PMEL, AFSC, and/or NWFSC (2 pages maximum). 
  • a current Curriculum Vitae with dates of education, appointments, experience, and publication list.
  • a research proposal describing objectives, methods and expected outcomes during a two-year period. The proposal should be accessible to a general scientific audience while also addressing issues more suited to a specialist in the proposed area of study. It should address the relevance of the proposed research to CICOES research themes and to PMEL, AFSC, and/or NWFSC programs and associated scientists (max. 7 pages, excluding references).
  • contact information for 4 references; please do not submit reference letters. If requested, the letters will be uploaded into Interfolio by the reference.
  • one letter of support from a proposed academic mentor and one letter of support from a proposed mentor representing a NOAA program or a joint letter of support from both mentors.

Postdoctoral scholars at the University of Washington are represented by UAW 4121 and are subject to the collective bargaining agreement, unless agreed exclusion criteria apply. For more information, please visit the University of Washington Labor Relations website.

Postdoctoral scholars at the University of Alaska Fairbanks are not represented for their first three years.

Postdoctoral Scholars at Oregon State University are represented by UAOSU and are subject to the collective bargaining agreement unless agreed exclusion criteria apply.  For more information, please visit the Oregon State University Labor Relations website.


Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All
qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed,
religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information,
gender identity or expression, age, disability, or protected veteran status.

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The University of Washington is using Interfolio's Faculty Search to conduct this search. Applicants to this position receive a free Dossier account and can send all application materials, including confidential letters of recommendation, free of charge.

For help signing up, accessing your account, or submitting your application, please check out Interfolio's help and support section or get in touch via email at or phone at (877)997-8807.

Title IX Notice

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Please see the Title IX website to learn more about how to report or make a formal complaint of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct. You will also find information about supportive measures and the grievance procedures that are utilized for complaints of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. Students and employees have access to support measures and resources, whether or not they choose to make a complaint.

Office of the Title IX Coordinator

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Commitment to Diversity

The University of Washington is committed to building diversity among its faculty, librarian,
staff, and student communities, and articulates that commitment in the UW Diversity Blueprint
( Additionally, the University’s Faculty Code
recognizes faculty efforts in research, teaching and/or service that address diversity and equal
opportunity as important contributions to a faculty member’s academic profile and
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