Academic Personnel

Strategy & Information Management

Strategy & Information Management (SIM) provides decision support for Academic Personnel and institutional partners. SIM’s strategic, tactical and operational responsibilities include:

  • Management of the strategic roadmap and project portfolio
  • Business analysis and process improvement recommendations
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Stewardship of Academic Personnel data in administrative systems
  • Data access and security management
  • Data quality and metadata management
  • Web application development, deployment and support
  • Database administration
  • Software and product analysis

Strategy and Project Management

SIM provides strategic analysis, design, and monitoring of procedures, products and programs. Following a user-centered philosophy, SIM maintains a focus on process improvement that promotes optimal efficiencies among the units of Academic Personnel and the institutional partners they serve.

Information and Technology Management

SIM is dedicated to managing and providing quality information to the units of Academic Personnel and the campus partners they serve. SIM employs proven data and technology strategies in the management, implementation, and deployment of applications that promote business intelligence.


John Borwick

Jon Davis
Senior Computer Specialist

Susan Monusko
Business Systems Analyst

Data Requests