The Office of Academic Personnel (OAP) stores records in a UW-IT managed electronic documents management (EDM) system to ensure a secure and easily accessible storage solution for human resource-related documents as well as authoritative document accuracy.

Campus partners with questions about this system should reach out to your Academic HR Specialist or email

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will campus HR partners be submitting documents?

You will upload documents in Workday as is current general practice.
The differences are:

  • Submit only PDFs for Academic HR-related processes
  • In the case of hiring packets, separate the offer letter and the Postdoctoral Scholar Data Sheet (if applicable) as well as documents not required by OAP.
  • In all other cases documents should be bundled together into a single PDF. Even if the bundle consists of multiple documents.

There will be no change in how visa documents are submitted.

What constitutes a hire packet?

Refer to the list found on the Academic Titles and Ranks section of the website.
Note: The offer letter should be uploaded separately as well as the Postdoctoral Data Sheet.

What if my dean/chancellor requires a different hire packet order than OAP?

The OAP hire packet order is a suggestion; however, keep in mind that submitting packets using this order will facilitate the approval process on the OAP end. We would hope that deans/chancellors would consider aligning to this recommended order moving forward.

What about documents that our dean/chancellor needs but the Office of Academic Personnel doesn’t ask for?

We strongly suggest not uploading these documents into Workday. Any such document may be subject to public records requests. If an office does submit documents outside of those required by OAP, we ask that they be uploaded in a separate PDF bundle.

What if information changes on a document after it’s been approved? For example, we change a professor’s start date?

Please re-submit, for example, the offer letter. Note: In cases where the change was made on one page of a larger packet, the entire packet should be uploaded again with the updated page. If the change is not connected to a new business process in Workday, please contact your academic HR specialist to let them know so they can add the revised document(s) to the EDM.

What happens if an AP business process is approved and documents are added into the EDM, but then the process is rescinded? For example, someone decides not to take their sabbatical.

The Office of Academic Personnel will be able to request that these documents be rescinded.

What comprises the offer letter? What about people who will be paid by a third party? What about offer letter addenda?

The offer letter includes any information including addenda, which pertains to positions at the UW. If the new hire is being paid by a third party and there is an additional offer letter from that entity, it is not required by OAP.

What about OAP processes that we’ve already started in Workday, but will not have been approved by July 1?

Documents submitted before July 1, 2019 will not be returned to units for not following the new guidelines. For example, separating out the offer letter from the other hiring documents. However, processes started on or after July 1, 2019 should follow the new guidelines.

What happens to OAP documents in Workday/Maintain Worker Documents?

OAP documents will be deleted out of Workday after business processes have been approved.

How soon will the documents be deleted out of Workday/Maintain Worker Documents?

Generally, documents will be deleted out of Workday/Maintain Worker Documents immediately after the official OAP approval. However, there is a slight difference for any two-step business processes such as new hires, lateral moves, and transfers.
On actions requiring business processes on the position and the academic appointment such as new hires, lateral moves, and transfers, the process on the position should be initiated before the process on the appointment. Appointment business processes will only be approved after the position business process has been approved. And then documents will be moved to the EDM.  

Can I access documents in the EDM?

Units will not be able to access documents in the EDM. Please maintain a local copy.

Is there a scanning policy I should follow?

OAP expects to see scans that are complete and legible. The UW Office of Records Management is responsible for scanning policies. Visit their website for more information.

Who is responsible for the retention schedule and records requests on OAP documents?

If it’s a document required as part of an approval process that involves the Office of Academic Personnel, our office is responsible for retention. Same for records requests.

What about sensitive information in files?

There are tiered levels of access in the EDM. Only those who can currently access these physical documents will be able to access them in the EDM. Various other offices are already using the EDM system across the campuses including financial aid and facilities so the UW-IT EDMS team is experienced in handling sensitive documents.

Hire Packet Order

  • Offer letter (Separate PDF)
  • Postdoctoral Scholar Datasheet, if applicable (Separate PDF)
  • Other hire packet documents

Please see the titles and ranks pages for specific details on hiring packets.
Note: Units should no longer send background checks to the Office of Academic Personnel.