On an annual basis, the University will compare the representation of employees with known disabilities in our workforce with the utilization goal identified by the Department of Labor. The utilization goal for qualified individuals with disabilities serves as an equal employment opportunity objective that should be attainable through the use of the affirmative action measures included in this Affirmative Action Plan.

Also, we establish a hiring benchmark to provide the University with a quantifiable method by which it can measure its progress toward achieving equal employment opportunity for protected veterans.

The utilization goal and the hiring benchmark are not quotas that must be met, nor are they to be considered as a ceiling that limits or restricts the employment of individuals with disabilities or protected veterans. In all employment decisions, the University makes selections in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Utilization Goal for Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

The utilization goal for qualified individuals with disabilities in each job group in the Affirmative Action Plan is 7%.

Hiring Benchmark for Protected Veterans

As of November 1, 2019, the hiring benchmark for protected veterans is 5.7%.