Effective Wednesday, May 15, 2013, the Office of Research assumed the responsibility for requests for approval of outside professional work for compensation. The Office of Research will receive, process and approve completed Request Forms (form 1460). Faculty will continue to submit forms according to school/college/campus policy through the department chair/program director and dean/chancellor’s office. The dean/chancellor’s offices will submit the completed forms to the Office of Research, Box 351202 (Attn: Form 1460). Questions about policy, procedures, and the status of specific requests will be fielded by Office of Research staff via e-mail or by calling (206) 616-0804.

Effective immediately, faculty, librarians, and other academic personnel are no longer required to submit an annual summary of outside professional work.  In the past, annual reports of all outside professional work (compensated or uncompensated) for each fiscal year ending June 30 were to be submitted via the UW 1461 online system by the following November 15.  The relevant UW Outside Professional Work Policy (Executive Order 57) is being revised, eliminating those reporting requirements, and the 1461 online system is being decommissioned.

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