General Health and Safety

To support the University of Washington’s missions of teaching, research, and public service, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) assists organizational units in meeting their responsibility to protect the environment and to provide a safe and healthful place of employment and learning.

Faculty, librarians, and academic staff who are injured in the course of University employment may file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. For information on the process, please refer to the Office of Risk Management webpage.

Hazardous Chemicals

If you use or produce hazardous chemicals in your work, be aware of the following policy:

Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) code, WAC 296-62-054 through -05425, Hazard Communication Standard, requires chemical manufacturers or importers to assess the hazards of all chemicals they produce or import and transmit that information to affected employers and employees.

To read the complete policy, see the UW Administrative Policy Statement about the chemical hazard communication program.

Drug-Free Workplace

To help ensure the safety and well-being of academic personnel, staff, students, and the general public, the University is committed to maintaining a campus environment that is free of illegal drugs and of drugs and alcohol that are used illegally. For details, see the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy.

Workplace Violence

The University of Washington is committed to providing a safe, healthful workplace that is free from violence or threats of violence. For purposes of this policy, workplace violence is any violent or potentially violent behavior that arises from or occurs in the workplace that affects University academic personnel, staff, or students.

The University takes reports of threatening or violent workplace incidents seriously. Employees, supervisors, and managers are expected to follow the University of Washington Workplace Violence Report/Response Procedure to report actual or alleged incidents of violence in the workplace. In addition to this policy, some units (such as Medical Centers) have particular legislative or regulatory requirements with which they must comply.

For more information, see the Policy and Procedure on Workplace Violence on the Safe Campus website.

State Employee Whistleblower Act

University employees may report improper governmental actions to the State Auditor’s Office or to designated University officials. To encourage the reporting of improper governmental actions, employees are protected from reprisal or retaliatory action by the provisions of state law. The Whistleblower law is codified in Chapter 42.40 of the Revised Code of Washington. Procedures for reporting improper governmental actions are in the Administrative Policy Statements 47.1.

Reporting Child Abuse

All University employees and volunteers who have reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect must immediately report the suspected abuse or neglect to law enforcement or the Department of Social and Health Services. This policy is adopted in accordance with Chapter 26.44 RCW, Abuse of Children law, and RCW 28B.10.846, and applies to all University of Washington employees, including academic personnel, staff, temporary staff, academic student employees, and student employees at all University campuses and locations and to volunteers in University programs. For more information, please see Administrative Policy Statement 11.8.

UW Police

The University Police Department is an accredited police department serving the Seattle campus and surrounding areas. Its purpose is to serve and protect the students, staff, academic personnel, and all people and property within the jurisdiction of that community.

UW Safe Campus

The University of Washington has established policies and procedures to promote a Safe Campus for our faculty, staff, and students. Academic Human Resources encourages our faculty, librarians and academic staff to investigate resources available to ensure a creative and safe work environment. Please visit the UW Safe Campus website to learn more.

If you’re concerned, tell someone.

Report Threats, Seek Advice or Counseling

Seattle:  206-685-SAFE (206-685-7233)

Bothell:  425-352-SAFE (425-352-7233)

Tacoma: 253-692-SAFE (253-692-7233)

Additional Resources