OAP, in collaboration with the ISC, is developing functionality that will allow units to complete the vaccination verification process on the Workday pre-hire profile for academic personnel final candidates. Having the verification process completed before the hire process will help UW avoid hiring (and then having to separate) individuals who are out of compliance with Governor Inslee’s vaccination mandate. The ISC has done a lot of great discovery work already, and we hope to have the solution and process guidance in place soon.

Until then, it is important that Academic Partners and I-9 Coordinators visually verify vaccination proof for final candidates before their start dates. Then vaccination verification entered ASAP on the first day of appointment.

Recommended Interim COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Process

Step 1: Unit extends offer. Note: All offer letters must include required vaccination mandate language as detailed on the Recruitment and Hiring Guidance section of the OAP COVID-19 Resource web page.

Step 2: Candidate accepts the offer. Those supporting faculty, librarian, or academic staff recruitments should plan to keep their unit’s Academic Partner/I-9 Coordinator in the loop on accepted offers, so they can connect with the final candidate.

Step 3: Academic Partner meets with the final candidate to visually verify vaccination proof. This should happen as soon as possible after offer acceptance, even if the start date is months away.

If the final candidate is fully vaccinated, the Academic Partner should notify appropriate unit personnel that they are permitted to initiate the Hire business process in Workday.

If the final candidate is not fully vaccinated, the Academic Partner should reach out to their Academic HR Business Partner to discuss next steps. Units should not initiate the Workday Hire business process for final candidates who are not fully vaccinated.

Step 4: On the final candidate’s start date, if fully vaccinated, Academic Partner completes vaccine verification process in Workday.

Reminder: A final candidate who wishes to be considered for a medical or religious exemption is expected to request an exemption as soon as possible, but no later than 2 weeks before their start date.

If you have questions related to the vaccination mandate and final candidates, please contact your Academic HR Business Partner via acadpers@uw.edu.