Unpaid and Paid Direct Salary Plan Academic Personnel

Unpaid academics, including affiliate faculty, clinical faculty (non-salaried), emeritus faculty, emeritus librarians, visiting scholars, or clinical associates are excluded from the COVID-19 vaccination policy based on their relationship with the University.  In addition, academic personnel who are paid solely through a paid direct (PDR) salary plan by a non-University entitiy are also excluded from the policy.

Individuals excluded from this policy are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated and remain up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccination. All individuals must adhere to all other University COVID-19 health and safety policies, including the University’s COVID-19 Face Covering Policy when visiting a University location. University healthcare facilities and some other settings (e.g., field research, research vessels, SARS research labs) may require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test for entry/participation.

Considerations for Future Appointments

Unpaid appointees who have been assessed by the University and excluded from the vaccination requirement but who later are considered for compensation from the University will be subject to the vaccine policy and verification process before they can work as an employee or as a UW-compensated appointee. The unit should follow the appropriate steps for UW workers who are considered employees or UW-compensated appointees. If the unpaid academic already completed UW’s vaccine verification process, units are not required to re-verify.

Units should follow the guidance outlined above when offering new appointments to unpaid academics or academic personnel with sole compensation through PDR or practice plan* not paid through University payroll. Additional recruitment and other appointment guidance is available on the Office of Academic Personnel’s COVID-19 Academic Personnel Policies and Resources web page.

*Note: UW Medicine medical facility clinical personnel must follow the UW Medicine COVID-19 Vaccination policy. Otherwise, UW School of Medicine and non-clinical personnel are subject to the guidance provided above.