Attestation Questions

If employees have started the process, but aren't fully vaccinated by 9/10, should they not attest until they are fully vaccinated (but before 10/4)?

  • Employees should not attest until they are fully vaccinated (2 weeks out from last dose)
  • This Sunday (9/19) is the last day employees will be able to complete/edit their attestation

How can I see if employees have completed their vaccine attestation?

  • Run the Workday report R0711
  • As of Monday, Sept 20 at 10am Unpaid Academics will be removed from the report output

General Details

What vaccination and/or exemption documents may be collected and/or stored?

  • Verification is visual only. Units should not scan, copy, email, or keep vaccination/exemption documents
  • Do not upload any vaccination/exemption documents to Workday

Will HR/Academic Partners be able to help with verification in sup orgs where they do not hold that security role?

  • Academic/HR Partners may only verify in units where they hold the security role
  • I-9 Coordinators and Dean’s Delegates may also verify vaccine status in Workday
  • Academic Partners can verify academic personnel, HR Partners can verify staff, and I-9 Coordinators can verify both staff and academic personnel. Those who hold a combination of these roles can also verify both populations

Will terminated employees be eligible for unemployment?

Eligibility for unemployment is determined by the WA Employment Security Department.

What forms of visual verification are acceptable?

  • Acceptable proof of full vaccination includes CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card or photo of the card, documentation of vaccination from a health care provider or electronic health record, state immunization information system record, or for an individual who was vaccinated outside of the United States, a reasonable equivalent of any of the above. Both sides of the document should be included
  • Verification may be in-person or via Zoom or other web conferencing as long as both sides of the vaccination document are visible
  • Viewing a copy or a photo of the vaccination card or approved alternate form of proof is allowable as long as both sides of the vaccination document are visible

Will verifiers be given more training on how to perform verification?

  • Units will be provided detailed instructions and job aids with screenshots will be available.
  • Visit the HR Community of Practice Teams group for additional resources.

Can follow-up information address booster shots and whether those need to be verified?

At this time the governor’s mandate does not address booster shots. Should requirements change, OAP will work with University leaders and campus partners to communicate new information as soon as possible.

Are verifiers allowed to ask for a photo ID when validating documents?


Verification for Specific Employee Types

Is the attestation timeline different for cyclical staff who aren’t back on campus until September 16?

All employees including cyclical employees have until October 11 to complete the verification process.

Do unpaid appointees (courtesy faculty, retirees, emeritus faculty, and contingent workers) need to provide proof of vaccination?

  • Unpaid appointees who meet the definition of on-site volunteers or on-site contractors are required to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated or have a UW approved medical or religious exemption. These workers cannot engage in on-site work after October 18, 2021 if their vaccination status has not been verified.
  • Unpaid appointees who do not currently meet the definition of on-site volunteers or on-site contractors but who are moving from Unpaid to Paid status will require vaccine verification in Workday prior to engaging in work on-site.
  • More information is included here.

Will affiliate faculty who give an occasional lecture by Zoom, but don't attest or provide proof of vaccination, be subject to termination?

  • It depends on two factors.
    • First, if paid through UW payroll, they are considered an “employee” and subject to the vaccine requirement. Paid affiliates who are unable to provide proof of vaccination will not be able to engage in paid work for the University after Oct 18.
    • Second, if they are unpaid, the unit must then determine whether they meet the definition of an on-site volunteer. If all of their work is performed off-site (as provided in this example), then they are not required to provide proof of vaccination at this time.
  • More information is included here.

Are individuals being paid by UW who are working out of state or internationally covered by the mandate?

Anyone who is employed by UW is covered under the mandate. The work location is not a factor unless local law dictates otherwise. In instances where one is not able to access the vaccine outside of the U.S., we’ll consider accommodations case-by-case. Contact

Is verification required if the employee didn’t complete the attestation?

Yes. Units should prioritize verifying those who did not complete the attestation so that they have time to initiate either the vaccine or exemption process.

If an employee is on FMLA or 100% leave do they need to complete verification by October 18?

All University employees should provide verification of full vaccination or request an exemption through the University by the October 18th deadline. If someone is on a 100% leave of absence and you have questions, please contact your Academic HR business partner at

What if an employee has started the vaccination process but will not be fully vaccinated by October 18?

Contact your AHR business partner at for guidance on next steps.

What if an employee declines to be vaccinated and does not request an exemption?

Faculty, librarians and other academic personnel who are unable to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination and are not approved for a medical or religious exemption and accommodation will not be able to engage in work for the University after Oct 18, 2021 and will be subject to separation from the University of Washington in compliance with provisions of relevant employment policies and labor contracts.
OAP is working on the escalation process for disciplinary and/or termination actions and will provide guidance soon.

What if an individual’s vaccination documentation has misspellings or looks fraudulent?

You may work with EH&S to request a second level of review.

What happens if a verifier attests an employee is fully vaccinated without checking documentation?

The verifier will be subject to disciplinary action.

Recruitments and New Hires

Will Interfolio job postings automatically be updated to mention the vaccine requirement?

All active and pending Interfolio job postings have been automatically updated to include a vaccine mandate statement
All future Interfolio job postings will automatically include a vaccine mandate statement
A banner notice has been added to the UW Academic Jobs web page
Effective 9/8/21, OAP implemented an automated step in the Interfolio application submission process that requires all applicants to attest that they have read and understand the vaccine mandate statement. Applicants will not be able to complete their application until they have attested. No additional action is required by the unit.

Will new hires be able to access the attestation before their first day?

  • The current configuration does not allow access to the attestation before day 1, but OAP, UWHR and the ISC are looking into additional options.
  • OAP has published guidance to help unit administrators know when and how to notify new and future hires of the vaccine mandate. Check out the COVID-19 Resources page soon and regularly for up-to-date information and guidance.

Can units include vaccine mandate information in new offer letters?

Information is located on the OAP COVID-19 Resources page. We will continue to update the content as more information becomes available, so please check back soon and regularly!

Exemption Details

If a School of Medicine faculty member who works in the clinics has an approved exemption from UW Medicine, do they need to submit a separate exemption request form to UW?


How will departments be notified of employees who have requested an exemption and therefore we do not need to meet with them?

Employees and their supervisors (head of sup org) will be notified via email when an exemption request is approved.

When will employees know if their requests for exemption are granted or denied?

The central offices reviewing medical and religious exemption requests are committed to communicating decisions as soon as possible. Response time will depend on the volume of requests.

Will there be an appeal process for employees who may have been denied an exemption?

There is no official process. Employees may provide additional relevant information upon denial of a request.

What if someone requests an exemption and is denied. Will they then have an option to begin their vaccination series and be covered under an exception to remain employed while they complete it?

Yes. Contact your AHR Business Partner at to discuss options.

Will people with exemptions be required to test weekly?

Those with an approved exemption may be required to adhere to additional safety protocols (e.g., weekly or twice weekly COVID testing, enhanced masking). Such details will be communicated as part of the exemption approval process.