Academic Personnel

Search and Hire Overview

The following are general steps involved in hiring faculty at the University of Washington. Detailed procedures are determined at the local level.

  1. Tenured, tenure-track, and WOT appointments may be initiated in accordance with each school or college’s annual hiring plan approved by the Provost.
  2. The unit clarifies its hiring aims for each job (e.g., specialty, approach), and the chair/director or dean/chancellor appoints a hiring committee.
  3. The unit follows the procedures outlined in the Posting Jobs section of the AHR website.
  4. Academic Human Resources (AHR) ensures the advertisement meets all Ad Guide criteria before posting.
  5. The search committee receives applications, conducts interviews, collects Affirmative Action data, identifies finalists and makes a hiring recommendation to the dean/chancellor.
  6. Eligible faculty vote on the appointment.
  7. The dean/chancellor reviews and approves the offer.
  8. Once the offer is accepted, the unit administrator populates online Applicant Flow Report.
  9. The unit prepares an appointment packet following documentation requirements outlined in the appropriate academic title and rank, and enters the appointment in Workday. For Workday help, contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC).
  10. AHR prepares the appointment materials for the Board of Regents or Provost, as appropriate.
  11. After approval by the Board of Regents, AHR, on behalf of the provost’s office, notifies the dean/chancellor and the candidate.
  12. The unit retains files of all applicants and all associated hiring materials for a minimum of three years. These records may be stored by Records Management.