Updating Academic Review Dates

Units can identify the names of all academic personnel in their units who need to have Second Year Reviews by running report “Appointments Missing Academic Review Dates” in Workday. Each of the individuals who appear on this report do not currently have an Academic Review Date listed in Workday. The Academic Review Date (commonly referred to as the Second Year Review Date) takes place in the spring quarter of these individuals’ second year of service (fall quarter of third year for Sr. Assistant Librarians).

Please follow these steps to update the Academic Review Date field for all employees on this report:

  1. Run the “Appointments Missing Academic Review Dates” in Workday.
  2. Go to the employee’s Workday profile. Click the “Academic” field on the left-hand side of the screen, then click the “Update” button on the far right of the academic appointment in your unit.
  3. In the “Start Date” field, enter the start date of the appointment which is being updated (e.g. if an Assistant Professor’s appointment began on 1/1/2015, enter 1/1/2015 in the “Start Date” field). Do not enter any date other than the appointment start date for this step!
  4. In the “Reason” box, choose the following reason for this appointment change: Update Academic Appointment > Update Academic Appointment > Revision/Correction
  5. Enter the correct Academic Review Date. The Academic Review Date field is located under the “Additional Appointment Information” heading on the bottom left of the screen. The Academic Review Date occurs on 3/16 of the second year of their initial appointment (10/1 of the third year for Sr. Assistant Librarians).
  • Example: If an Assistant Professor started on 9/16/2016, their academic review date would be 3/16/2018.

If you are not sure what date should be entered for an individual based on their appointment start date, please reach out to your AHR specialist.

Once the Academic Review Date has been entered, write “Academic Review Date Correction” in the comments field, then click “Submit.”

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