This list is a suggested guide. Units may have their own lists that are different than this one.

Employee Responsibilities

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Provide Equipment.
    • Issue keys (office, building, desk, and file cabinets) and building use permits.
      • Add employee to electronic building access locking system database (Prox card).
    • Issue UW equipment such as laptops, cell phones, pagers, software, or other tools.
  • Provide access to communications and technology.
    • UWATS account
    • Voicemail
    • Sprint cards
    • Set up access to internal network procedures and electronic calendar. For the Nebula network, contact UW IT.
    • Add to departmental and centrally managed email lists.
  • Review¬†policies and procedures.
    • Department emergency procedures, safety checklists and Laboratory Safety Manual.
    • Practice privileges, college-specific regulations, Dental School licenses/boards, student relations, HIPAA, ergonomics.
    • Location of computer files and UW policies for computer use.
  • Provide access to additional resources if necessary.