Academic Personnel

Senior Assistant Librarian

Appointment Details

  • Title: Senior Assistant Librarian
  • Service Period: 12 months
  • Limitations on Appointment: Must be appointed through University Libraries
  • Length of Appointment Term: The initial appointment is for a three-year term. The Senior Assistant Librarian may apply for renewal of their appointment for an additional, and final, three-year period. Mandatory review for promotion must be made during the last year of the second appointment term. The end date in Workday reflects the anticipated end date based on the mandatory review timeline. The appointment may end on an earlier date under certain circumstances, such as a non-renewal.
  • Eligible for Tenure: No
  • Voting Rights: No
  • Salary Requirements: Must meet University minimum
  • Full Time/Part-time: Both
  • Promotable: Yes
  • Competitive Recruitment Required: Yes

New Appointment Details

  • Educational Requirements: Usually requires a graduate degree from a program accredited by the American Library Association or an equivalent graduate library science/information studies degree.
  • Documents Required:
    • Offer letter (separate PDF)
    • Dean’s letter to provost
      • Recommendation from AD
      • Librarian Personnel Committee vote
      • Title and rank
      • Position description
      • Start date
      • Monthly rate of pay*
      • Librarian Personnel Committee rank/status recommendation**
    • CV/resume
    • Notice of Vacancy**
    • Letters of reference (three preferred, one is mandatory)**

*Could appear in offer letter
Note: OAP is no longer collecting background checks.

**Not required for temporary Librarian appointments

Promotion Details

  • Promotions are done at the local level

Reappointment Details

  • Reappointments are done at the local level

Termination Details

  • Emeritus Eligibility: No