Academic Personnel

Research Associate

Appointment Details

  • Title: Research Associate
  • Service Period: 12 months
  • Limitations on Appointment: May only hold appointment within 6 years after receipt of terminal degree; Research Associate is considered a junior rank and requires recent completion of professional training (in many fields marked by a PhD) and the promise of a successful career in research. Research Associate appointees will work under the direction of principal investigators for the benefit of the research programs, the unit’s educational program and their own professional growth. Participation in the regular instructional program of a unit is not required of a Research Associate, but it should be encouraged. Faculty holding this title may not be principal investigators on grants or contracts. A faculty member who is awarded a fellowship or trainee award will retain his/her present academic rank and title in addition to the Research Associate designation.
  • Length of Appointment: One to three year terms for a maximum of 6 years, may not hold appointment for more than 6 years after receipt of terminal degree unless an exception has been approved by AHR
  • Eligible for Tenure: No
  • Voting Rights: No
  • Salary Requirements: Must meet University minimum
  • Full-time/part-time: Full-time, unless a partial leave of absence is approved by AHR
  • Promotable: No
  • Competitive Recruitment Required: No

New Appointment Details

  • Educational/Experience Requirements: Terminal degree, usually a PhD
    • Degree must be conferred by the appointment start date.  Evidence of conferral may be requested
  • A faculty vote is required for short term appointments. The unit faculty, by a majority vote, may delegate authority to the Chair/Director to make short term appointments without a full faculty vote.
  • Documentation Required:
    • Chair/Director’s letter to Dean/Chancellor recommending appointment should include:
      • Faculty vote
      • Title
      • Start date
      • Service period
      • Salary
    • Offer letter
    • Three letters of recommendation
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Proof of degree conferral if terminal degree acquired within year prior to appointment start date
    • Background Check documents, if applicable

Promotion Details

  • Not a promotable title.
  • A Research Associate cannot be placed into an existing, permanent research faculty position without a competitive recruitment, unless a search took place and was documented at the time the postdoctoral appointment was made.

Reappointment Details

  • May not be renewed for more than 6 years.

Termination Details

  • Research Associates should be notified about the termination date of their appointment at least six months in advance of that date, and a dated note should be placed in the file that such notification has occurred