Academic Personnel

Adjunct Principal Lecturer

Appointment Details

  • Title: Adjunct Principal Lecturer
  • Limitations on Appointment: Must hold a primary appointment as a Principal Lecturer in another unit at the University.
  • Length of Appointment: Annual
  • Eligible for Tenure: No
  • Voting rights: N/A
  • Promotable: No

New Appointment Details

Documentation Required:

  • Chair/Director’s letter, including faculty vote
  • Chair/Director’s letter from the faculty member’s home department approving the adjunct appointment
  • Letters of recommendation (three preferred, one minimum)

Promotion Details

  • Not a promotable title.

Reappointment Details

  • Adjunct appointments are annual and should be considered for reappointment each year by the faculty of the unit. There are no limitations to the number of reappointments that can be made.
  • Documentation required is a single PDF including correspondence from the chair/director to the faculty member indicating the reappointment decision including faculty member’s name, title, and term of the appointment as well as the faculty member’s acceptance of the reappointment.

Termination Details

  • A faculty member has a professional obligation to give a written notice of resignation at the earliest possible opportunity (Faculty Code Section 24-56A).
  • Adjunct appointments end at the time of termination.